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Behavioral Intervention Services, Inc.

Workshops are held to assist families in developing appropriate treatment programs to meet the needs of each individual child. The length of initial workshops can vary between two and three days with the initial follow-up workshop following four-six weeks later. Any workshops following the initial follow-up workshop can be scheduled to occur every six to eight weeks. In addition to workshops, phone consultations and video reviews are provided. The initial workshop outlines the principles of ABA that comprise the foundation for the intervention. In addition, Discrete Trial Therapy (DTT) and/or Errorless Learning, the primary methods of teaching, are covered in detail. One of these methods or a combination of the two will be chosen based upon the child's needs and his/her current skill level or as preferred by the parent. Other methods of teaching, such as Applied Verbal Behavior (AVB) will also be discussed and possibly applied, as the child's needs are evaluated. As these techniques are demonstrated, strategies for managing any challenging behaviors are modeled and discussed. Strategies for helping the child learn in the natural environment will also be discussed.

Upon completion of the initial workshop, families will be given a prescribed set of programs tailored to the child's specific educational needs. If desired, a consultation report will be sent to the families within two weeks of the workshop. The consultation report reviews the programs implemented at the workshop in detail, including target items and next steps within each program.

The same consultant who provides training for the initial workshop is available to families for consultations (e-mail, phone, or video) between workshops.