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Behavioral Intervention Services, Inc.

Implementing the Treatment program

One-to-one instruction is provided 4-8 hours per day, 5-7 days per week (approximately 25-40 hours per week.) A team of 3-6 adults provides the instruction. Each team member provides 4-16 hours per week. In addition, parents are strongly encouraged to provide 2-5 hours of one-to-one instruction per week, enabling them to maintain a consistent approach among all therapists spending time with their child and to generalize mastered skills to everyday environments. It is imperative to have enough people providing instruction - generalization will be limited by the lack of sufficient therapists.

Each day is divided into a few sessions. Generally, the sessions last anywhere from 2-4 hours with many breaks interspersed across the session. During a session, a specific task is worked on for about 2-5 minutes, followed by a short break (1-2 minutes) in the therapy environment. Longer breaks (10-20 minutes) are taken every hour outside of the therapy environment. The breaks provide the child with time away from structured activities as well as allowing generalization of new skills. This schedule is adjusted to meet the needs of each child and may be altered as agreed upon by the parents and the consultant.

Beginning Phase
Intermediate Phase
Advanced Phase