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Recruiting staff for your program

You will need to recruit at least four tutors/therapists to make up the team that will implement the 25-40 hours of treatment per week. It is advised to recruit more people than you actually need. They should all attend the initial workshop and then decide if they are interested and if they have the time required to fulfill the requirements. Parents are encouraged to do some of the therapy themselves, but it is not recommended that any one person do over 15 hours per week. Each person should work 6-15 hours per week, at least two sessions per week. This enables each person to become familiar with your child while not spending so much time that the child becomes dependent upon one person.

College students are the most likely candidates. Often those students studying psychology or education (general or special) are interested in this type of experience. Many families recruit students by posting flyers in various departments and university centers of nearby colleges or by contacting a professor who would make an announcement in his/her class about your child's needs and the future home-based early intervention program. In addition, you should contact the career and placement centers located on campus.

An applicant does not need to have previous experience or special credentials to become a good tutor. However, age does need to be considered when hiring tutors (over age 20 is advised). In addition, each person must be dependable. No matter how much a person likes working with your child, if he or she is not dependable, your child will lose valuable time.

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