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Behavioral Intervention Services, Inc.

Suggestions for a workshop

Please hold the workshops in a smoke-free environment.

The first day of the initial workshop will be for training purposes. This session will need to be in a distraction-free environment where everyone can sit comfortably and take notes throughout the training. Your child does not need to be there on this day.

Please have a sturdy but lightweight child-sized table and two chairs available to use for therapy. Fisher Price and Playskool make a good table and chair set for use during therapy.

Please provide a variety of foods, drinks, and toys that your child likes. These will be used to motivate and reinforce your child during therapy. For these workshop days it is especially powerful to have a few new toys that your child has never seen. This helps get your child's attention and set up a positive learning environment. In addition, if a few favorite treats/foods can be avoided the week prior to the workshop, they are more reinforcing when reintroduced.

Plan to have your team of tutors present for the entire workshop. Videotapes are recommended for the full workshop. These are to be used for your own educational purposes and to train new team members. They are never to be shown to a public forum without the written permission of your consultant. A form must be signed stating your understanding of this policy before you may videotape your workshop.

Please feel free to invite other interested parents and professionals to your workshop. We recommend that you inform interested parents that this is your child's time and that they are only to observe. Their questions regarding their own child should be addressed to the consultant once he or she has returned to the office.

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